Exotic Eye Tattoo Art Show- Wailuku Coffee Company

Exotic Eye Tattoo Art Show @ Wailuku Coffee Company in March

We are excited to announce that coming up in March we will have a solo art show at the Wailuku Coffee Company (26 North Market St in Wailuku)! Please come by to check it out and if you are in the neighborhood this month stop by and check out RachelG’s piece: “Behind Door #1” that is included in this months …

Megan from Canada

The layout of this piece is based off a crop circle found in Scotland, which Rachel tailored for me to represent the 7 chakras (energy centers) and the current of energy that snakes thru them as we travel life’s journey. To me this tattoo represents the idea that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” (Deepak Chopra) and is …


Paradise Artist Retreat Coming Up in March

Both Chad and RachelG are excited to be attending the upcoming  Paradise Artist Retreat just outside of Albequerque, New Mexico. This 4 day retreat will feature some amazingly inspirational and talented names in tattooing including: Guy Aitchison, Hannah Aitchison, Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue and many others. For more info about the retreat check out: http://www.paradiseartistretreat.com    

Huedoku- Hana Sunrise

Hueduko Launch

Do you like games? Do you like colors? Then you need to check out Hueduko!!! Hueduko is a cool, new interactive color puzzle designed by friend and artist Gabe Mott. This new app will enhance your vision and help you see the world like never before. Download it at:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/huedoku/id811256629?ls=1&mt=8


Meet Apprentice Chad Alivero

We are so excited to welcome Chad Alivero to our team at Exotic Eye Tattoo. Chad has done his practice time and is ready to create more tattoos! Message us at exoticeyetattoo@gmail.com if you are interested in getting work done by him.

Emily from Maui

A little over 4 years ago we were here on a family trip. My husband was dying of cancer and my step daughter wanted a tattoo saying “cancer sucks” in Hawaiian. That’s when we found Rachel… It was so beautiful and the colors were so brilliant. I never thought I would ever have any tattoos and now because of Rachel’s beautiful work I now have …


Brian from Big Island of Hawai’i

The moment I met my wife, I was immediately drawn to her and her love for Shiva. She has the most beautiful dancing Shiva on her arm that just comes to life! I was told that Rachel did it and I knew my Hanuman was to be from her! I have been drawn to Hanuman for many years as he …


Christian from California

Five years ago I started getting one tattoo a year to celebrate each year of sobriety. I came to Rachel G to celebrate my third year. I am now past my eighth year and Rachel G has done every tattoo since. To me my tattoo represents the constant change of life and becomes a timeline representing each passing year and the experience it held. I …