No Limits International Tattoo Expo

New York!  Rachel will be at the No Limits Tattoo Expo March 31-April 2.  She will be tattooing alongside Emma Garrand.  Email at for appointments or swing by the booth and say hi.

Hawaii Tattoo Expo – Maui – April 7,8,9

Rachel G will tattooing alongside Nickels from Ka’eo Hawaii Tattoo shop on the Big Island. Email to book an appointment or stop by the booth and say hi.


Ometepe is and island in the Nicaragua Lake often referred to as the island of circles and spirals. Last month I got to explore this island which made up of two volcanoes. I was lead on a petroglyph tour by little Jose. The spirals being my favorite as I have tattooed them on myself many times. The single spiral can …


There’s something magical that happens as an artist traveling.   As creators of our craft I think we are constantly looking for inspiration whether we realize it or not.  This past months journey I treated very differently then I have in the past.  I showed up with my eyes open to all of it but not with the intention of “looking” …

Leah from Maui

Sometimes things happen in life, or people come your way and then things can just *click* into place.  I’ve wanted a phoenix tattoo for 20 years.  A long drive across the county when I was 19 and a line in a song inspired me and the idea never really faded.  It’s had different forms in my head, but I never …