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Sarah Frary

Sarah Frary was born in a transient family and has been restless ever since. This movement translates from the core of her frenetic style; shape-shifting flora and fauna, wild warrior women, skeletal impressionism and lyrical topographies of micro/macrocosm entities. It is her belief that the dueling cycle of life and death revolves in a spiral unwinding and her work evolves out of this infinite source.

Sarah pursues the arts with all of her heart as if she has no choice: any and all visual mediums, sculpture, music, performance, dance, and whatever else calls to her. She apprenticed to become a tattoo artist in 2009 and since then has owned two private studios in Wyoming and Alaska before joining forces with Rachel G at Exotic Eye in May of 2016.

She continues to develop her affinity for flesh art with the concept that the anatomical body is a temple; creating and inspiring transformation and empowerment for her clients with custom, hand-drawn work.

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Jeremy Lifsey

jeremy lifesyJeremy Lifsey was born and raised in Los Angeles. From early on he channeled his energy from the outside world through art. He grew up in culturally diverse areas which added dimensions to his art and upbringing.

His goal in tattooing is to be well rounded and proficient at all styles of tattoo related art. He takes great pride in his work and believes tattoos are a spiritual and uplifting experience that should be respected and cherished by all involved.

In his spare time he reads, writes, cooks, dances, does meditation, paints, and also works with agriculture and plant life. He enjoys studying ancient wisdom, astrology, geomancy, health, ancient history, art and eastern philosophy.

His goal above all things is to always give each of his clients a great tattoo and a great experience while getting tattooed.

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