Thanks again Alaska for yet again another inspiring summer!
It has been so amazing to see the change of seasons as I have stayed to tattoo into the end of September this year.

The end of the season in Homer is when business owners get to enjoy the variety of hidden treasure this town has to offer. (Homer Farmers Market, True North Tours, Homer Spit Oyster Bar, Twitter Greek Gardens, Fresh Catch)

The fall equinox is a moment where the planet sheds its layers and the day and night are approximately equal duration, finding balance between the light and dark.  I’ve been contemplating how this time of change is similar to the transformation that is created from a tattoo.  The obvious color development from skin to ink as well as the layers of shading and detail within a design brings life to a new image or idea.  By observing the process as one that sheds the persona of who we are presently to whom we become. This reveals the different layers of our influences in a variety of images displayed on the human canvas.  It creates a shift within each person by revealing the art or symbol we choose to identify with on a permanent level that links us to its history.  Take the time to learn more about what inspires you.

I encourage all my clients to have a think about what their tattoo means to them.  What is the origin of some designs and symbols you feel drawn to?  What time period do you choose to recognize from your own life?
“I feel balanced now!” is what one client expressed after finishing her sleeve that was completed over a few years, charting her journey into a new stage in life.

During this time between seasons and big shifts, tattooing is a way for many of us to find balance within ourselves during the process as well as sharing the visual stories allowing our message of transformation to be permanently worn with honor and gratitude.

This summer has been filled with a variety of shared experiences, eye opening lessons, laughter and tears.  Each day these golden nuggets are being revealed through my interactions with my clients and their designs.

Thank you to all my clients and co-workers who helped myself and each other to find balance in the now!