When I tell people that I have two seasonal shops, one in Alaska and one in Hawaii the response is always “Wow, you have quit the life! That’s two extremes!” Extreme it is and easy it’s not, but I do love it.

Alaska and Hawaii’s wild irresistible terrain is just as fascinating as the people who inhabit this land.  Both places attract an interesting bunch of visitors and locals who all have a strong connection to the people, animals, elements and the spirit of the land or as they say, the love for “being removed from the outside world”.

I’ve found after many years of spending time in both places, working with these people is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to set up shop in Alaska and Hawaii.  It is to connect and experience a rawness and hardiness that surprisingly kept this urban east coast girl continually migrating towards volcanic land and now living a double (wild)life.  The wildlife both in animal and human form continue to be a part of the tattoo inspiration in both locations.  People’s journeys to these far out places are always fascinating to hear and one that becomes incorporated in their tattoos.  “I would like to pause in a memory.” quoted from a new customer’s description of her tattoo idea to represent her life in Alaska

It takes a certain type of person to live in both of these places.  Some say they heard a calling. Some are drawn to the challenge of the adventurous and laid back lifestyle.  Others got drunk on the scenery, most would agree that the serenity, surroundings and the reflection of natures true beauty inspires each person’s experience.

Join us this summer at Exotic Eye in Homer, Alaska.

Rachel G