August – Make an art of making connection.

Fall is here in Alaska already.

Recently while I was traveling, I roamed around the bookstores of the Anchorage terminal and took notice of how many books are out about being happy and how to make a happy successful life and how technology has robbed us of our happiness.  I found it a bit sad that humans have lost touch with the most beautiful part of living, enjoyment and happiness. Why? How?

As I read the back of these books in search of a good one to inspire me I noticed they all seemed to share a common theme; connection and the loss thereof.
If anything, I believe can create a change and movement; which ultimately is living after all; which we all are doing is connection.  Start with ourselves; connecting to who we are.  Connecting to what we walk in; our body and our breath.  Connecting with others.  Connecting to where we are, who and what is around; nature, people, animals and planets.  Connecting to where we came from; our culture, history and stories.
From connection we learn and inspire each other, which is the fuel to keep going in this life.

Creating meaningful moments in our life generates a passion of successful encounters with ourselves and others.  Do not be attached to the outcome.  Attachment severs the pulse of that connection and be sure to listen to the nuggets that arise out of each interaction.

The best remedy to being human is being true to ourselves.  Make an art of making connection.

I was interviewed by the Anchorage news in regard to my shop in Homer.   My words were paraphrased and what was left out of the publication is how grateful I am that my clients welcomed myself and our other artists.

Tattooing often times has an unspoken healing powers that is reached through symbols of a variety of cultures.  This power can be conjured up by the very act of marking oneself at a certain time to release, to remember, honor and commemorate a connection with anyone place, person or story.  This connection is my personal vitamin that feeds my soul.

Looking forward to finishing up some big pieces this summer and connecting will all of you this next fall.