I’m just returning from sharing one of the most amazing and inspirational displays of nature’s magic I have ever seen! Witnessing the totality of the solar eclipse on August 21 was a life changing, heart racing, and jaw dropping experience. This phenomenon created an alignment within nature and within many communities. Due to the geographical location of this eclipse’s path it was considered to be the most viewed totality in history. Many were silenced by nature’s beauty; many paused to experience the dark side of the sun.
Art Brown –

Alex Barnedt – spaceweather.comThe sun and moon alignment united many communities together from all walks of life. There were ceremonies and celebrations across the nation ranging from small intimate family experiences to 50,000 person festivals honoring nature and inspiring humans to connect with each other through art, dance, sight, sound, stillness and movement. Here is the picture of the painting I was commissioned to paint and collaborate with many artists from multiple different countries for an eclipse event.

We all came together at this event to create change, to honor nature and each other just like the sun and moon. This is one of the many beautiful messages the eclipse delivers.
There are many who come to view and celebrate the total solar eclipse and many who give and receive tattoos in ceremony. Both are a shared experience and a cultural, ceremonial cross-pollination across the world through many different groups of civilization. The sun is the source of all life and it’s disappearance even for a second is effervescent and ephemeral. It makes all beings stop and observe the present moment. It’s almost impossible to reproduce this image and this exact moment in time. Every eclipse is special in its own way as the sun’s corona is constantly changing, breathing in and out with the solar wind on an 11-year cycle.

When you see the sun’s corona it’s like seeing “God”.  It’s a magic moment. The act of receiving a tattoo makes both artist and client stop, observe, participate and become part of the present moment like viewing the eclipse. To repeat that magic moment of transformation between ink and skin is near impossible.  Every tattoo is special in its own way. The client, artist, tattoo, time, place, thing or person that influences the images that are created on skin create a feeling of reverence for many cultures. I acknowledge that this feeling of reverence is one that we as humans must continue to cultivate in our lives in many ways.

I found myself struck by spontaneous inspiration hours after witnessing the eclipse. I stumbled upon a fellow tattooist Emma Garrard marking herself with symbols to represent good vibrations. The vibrations we all felt. I instantly sat down and drew the glyph that represents the sun eclipse on my left hand and started hand tapping the circle within the circle. This representing the balance within the balance that is all around us. The pause in our earth’s “normal existence” when the sun showed its diamond ring and the birds flew across dusk and dawn simultaneously leaving an awe of reverence in the air. This moment impacted me so much I knew I wanted to mark this experience forever!

Giving and receiving a tattoo should not be taken lightly but recognized and realized as a moment of your own alignment as a client and artist with the images that we have chosen to identify with our spirit and mind as part of the tattoo process.

We are very lucky as a civilization to have the access and the choice to experience this mysticism and to learn and educate ourselves about the wonder of nature. To pause and realize the effects that these amazing natural beauties have on our planet and on each other. The magic of Mother Nature within weather patterns and the shift of the energetic pulse and the passing moon over the sun allowed us to see the dark side and possibly even feel the darkness.  We can choose to explore and discover through light on the other side, the light that is always there and the brightness that returns even in the darkest moment, allowing yourself the time and space to partake in a mystical experience whatever they might be.