December – Happy Solstice

Happy solstice! In this time where everyone is rushing around to purchase items and become part of the consumer world, take a pause and realize what gifts we possess as individuals.

It’s a common theme during solstice to look at the shadows and see what we can learn from the dark, appreciate this moment, and look for the light.  Another way to approach these last long days of winter season is to remember who we are and the gifts we have to share.  I believe as humans one of our biggest gifts is imagination.  With imagination we can create our reality, a new story and a different tune to dance to and to be inspired to live by.

We also have the gift of empathy.  We can experience and observe each moment and really see and feel into what the reaction or emotion is behind each story, action or moment and empathize with it.  In this moment, taking a pause to feel. For me empathy becomes the fuel for my imagination, which becomes the inspiration for my creations.

Let’s not forget during this time when we are approaching the end of the year and finding ourselves reflecting on what has happened good and bad in our personal lives as well as in the global community. We do not need to be stuck in the naughty or nice theme and rather appreciate the feelings from all these experiences and to use these feelings as the tools we can access to paint a new picture.

I thank you all for this time that we have spent together and for being part of this imaginary story and illusion and let’s continue to support each other and our own dream of imagination.