June – Happy Solstice!

Summer solstice is a time to celebrate our connection to the sun on the longest day of the year. The magic I love about Alaska is the 2-hour midnight sunsets on a 20-hour daylight day.  I also love walking the biggest tides while seeing the treasures of the sea. You can’t help but be inspired by the light and motivated by the sun’s energy. This is  fertile ground for creative living.

The seasonal  business life has turned out to be quit the adventure with all its challenges and gifts.  One thing for certain is it has solidified my passion for creating transformative art in a variety of locations with amazing humans.  That being said, my art has not been just limited to tattoos. Now more than ever I acknowledge that living is an art form.

How we choose to be, see and feel our way through this existence is a composition of  images and or sounds evoking a variety of emotions and how we allow these emotions to affect our experience is the art of living.
I’ve been all over the pendulum of experiences, splitting time between two very different yet amazing locations, enjoying moving between yoga, meditation and tattooing as well as traveling and the daily adventures of running your own business.

Through it all the most useful tool has been the action of stopping and taking a time out to tune in.  By giving myself this gift,  it allows me to step away from what I have created and observe all the brush strokes, the areas of interests, the people and see them as one kaleidoscope of inspiration.

Sometimes this stepping away process cannot be pretty.  At times that little voice that wants to judge, analyze and question everything will not shut up.   I know that this voice is all part of the painting and by acknowledging its existence it completes the masterpiece I strive to create in my world.

Take that time out and be thankful for the simple things.
Gather all your stories, paint your picture and let the sun shine on all your edges.

Alaska always ignites my creativity and my journey through the beautiful long days of summer.