I value the thread which weaves us all together.

It has been a busy summer on all accounts of work and play.
One minute I found myself setting up shop for the season the next I find myself working with and being surrounded by many artists of all walks of life in various locations. Amazingly enough, I’ve managed to squeeze a few moments of magnificent nature viewing while eavesdropping on the conversation of the cosmos.  It’s all about the balance. Being aware of this and fully embracing it for once has been a better supplement than any superfood smoothie I’ve ever digested!
Thank you to all who have supported me and Exotic Eye through the balancing act of business and pleasure.  This ride continues to be filled with unpredictability and infinite creativity.  I found the only way to stay on the ride is to be grounded in your authenticity.
BE YOU!  Do the work to find who you are.   You might not know who that is now and that’s ok.   You might doubt who you are or what choices you have made but don’t allow yourself to get swallowed by doubt and questions.
Throughout the many years of teaching and tattooing, I’ve met many people from all walks of life.  It’s been a pleasure to get to know each of my clients and discover the depths of each of our stories behind the imagery that comes to life in our tattoo sessions.   It blows me away each day how much strength we have as humans to discover balance in the chaos, to continue through our challenges and to choose how we view each experience.
We all have our struggles and our desires.  Claiming our desires makes our immune systems stronger. Even if you don’t know where your desires will lead you to allow yourself to follow your impulses.  To ignore them creates harm to your growth and well-being, which trickles into our surroundings.
Let’s all make a smoothie together which contains a bit of hope, a bit of excitement and a bit of exploration to support ourselves and each other.
What can we do to create balance in our every creation?