I value the thread which weaves us all together.

What do you value? Was a question that has come up a few times this week.
I am happy to be in a space where I can see the value in all situations that have arisen in all compartments of my existence. I can understand that to value it is to create vulnerability. Vulnerability is an act of courage and strength, acceptance and gentleness.

To see the value in this act is to step away from our attachments and expectations. To be vulnerable is to be authentic to our true thread. Our association with vulnerability requires a shift in awareness in order to strengthen ourselves and inspire each other.

I value the thread which weaves us all together. For many of you reading this right now, that thread has been a tattoo. Whether it be that you have given one, received one or viewed one. The imagery of a subject matter has left an impact in our memory. The unspoken stories viewed through our curious lenses have created a bond.
Sure, not all ink is placed in a conscious moment, yet the permanent mark signals a remembrance of a specific time. There’s no denying when we look at our adorned skin a memory is triggered of that exact time and space whether it be one of pain or joy. Whether time remembered holds the weight of significance or a space of grace, our attention is brought back to that moment in our timeline which we became influenced by the markings on one’s skin.   Whether you’re viewing or wearing the permanent line there is no avoiding the impact of time. The time you saw the image which celebrated life’s opening or closing ceremonies with all the in-betweens. 
Humor, grief, love, and hate are a few emotions which have fueled the characteristics for many tattoos.  All characteristics should be celebrated for their medicine they bring to each of us. The medicine of admiration, transformation, honor and respect. To translate these emotions through imagery is one way to create value to our own adventures. Creating visions to learn from our experiences, influences and imagination allows us to draw from our own stories and share them with others.
From the streets of Denver, the beaches of Hawaii, to the mountains of Alaska, from my co-workers to my clients. I find inspiration to continue to move forward through the challenges of each day creating a time to remember within each moment lived. Every conversation, every interaction with other people and every experience with nature becomes a vitamin which nurtures my soul’s curiosity. 
So, if you’re struggling to see the value in a past or present situation search through images, symbols, shapes and forms that can help you translate the present feeling.
Explore where you came from and what makes you who you are. This curiosity should be celebrated. Celebration is an act that many forgo for various mundane and chastised reasons that our society or own minds have built blocks around and excuses to follow. Yet it is an act that many of our ancestors held great value to.
Throughout history, people have long gathered to celebrate and honor the sun. We are now approaching June solstice, a signal to celebrate summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  A time to celebrate the light and the dark. Without one there couldn’t be the other. There are times to move forward, times to share, times to go inward and reflect, times to step back and observe   Special rituals during the time of the solstice each year mark not only the movement of the sun, but the inherent cycles within spiritual and physical life as well.
Just like nature let us remember to celebrate. To celebrate is to find value. To find value is to find recognition. To find recognition is acceptance, and to find acceptance is to stand true to who we are.
I celebrate this life with you through the images I wear and create. I look forward to connecting through the common thread through the language of tattoo.