It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to create in many different spaces, places and cultures.

Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.  This is the constant state of mind and body I find myself in as a traveling artist with multiple studio spaces.  Whether it be a tattoo studio, a place on the beach, a point on a mountain or a corner of a jungle; each place comes with its gifts and challenges. These locations present an opportunity to grow as an artist working on the go.  This much movement in a creative life can be exciting and unsettling.  It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to create in many different spaces, places and cultures. 

  I have to remember to take the time out to tune in with each moment of movement and stillness.  Within these transitional periods I often find myself in a state of reflection reviewing experiences just had into the present moment. This switch of relaxation to full on work can be jolting to my spirit and leave me questioning my purpose. Wondering what am I doing and why? What was the reason for this past journey and how does it influence me now and how will it inspire me later?  I often get caught up in the swirl of questions but then I dig deep and gather information and wisdom from the land I walked, the people I met, the places I saw and the stories we created.   In this space of contemplation, I remember who I am and what my desires and dreams are. 

How many of us actually know the history of the land we walk and live on right now?  

    This past winter I had the pleasure of spending some time researching, learning and discovering the history and mystery of the Costa Rican culture while creating a mural.  This mural was across from an archaeological site in the southern coast of Costa Rica.  During this time, I became familiar with just a few of the thousands of species of animals, observing their behaviors and listening to their sounds.  I had the pleasure of spending time in a rural village celebrating life as well discovering artifacts of the past.  It’s amazing how much we don’t know and what is still being discovered. I realized how important it is for us to share our stories of our traditions so that the magic can still be carried on through each generation. Even the smallest bit of information can bring us to a better understanding of ourselves and of our relation to this world and others.  The magic that you see when you live in harmony with your surroundings is the understanding and a knowing that happens when you observe the growth of nature from the people to the animals and plants.   Each element plays an intrinsic part in our experience of the now. 
  Again, I was amazed with the beauty of living.  We all share the sounds of our voices, finding the recognition in our eyes, as well as partaking in the nourishment of the land brings inspiration to each being. Inspire each other by learning the stories and traditions of the place you call home whether your home is permanent or temporary. You can discover what makes your surroundings thrive and what feeds your soul by giving back to the community that surrounds you and honoring the history of the people and places.
  Remember to savor the transition period there are so many nuggets to be found in the in-between moments. I’m excited for many projects that have started brewing in these past few months.  Stay tuned in to see what lies ahead. I look forward to the next journey. Thank you, Maui, for the quick visit. It is great to enjoy the island.  Alaska, I’ll see you soon. Booking appointments now for Alaska.