January & February – Travel, Tattooing and Art

The first month of 2018 has brought on a welcomed energy of gratitude with understanding, and capability to embrace opportunities.

January was a big birthday month for me in which I choose to have a dance with time.  I allowed the space to stop, realizing on how far I have come within my practice and within my art form.  I looked within for what I can fine tune and what I can continually give, as well as to be honest with my dreams and hopes.  Thank you to all my customers who I have had the pleasure to experience this life with!

There are so many ideas and so many opportunities. I am blessed and thankful for this freedom and creativity in my life and career.  As I’m looking forward through the calendar of 2018, there are many places I’ll be visiting and creating tattoos. Often times with this much travel I can feel a bit ungrounded and would be helpless without my yoga practice.  I’ll be consistently posting sequences on my YouTube channel. (Please subscribe for free to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date with all my past and new yoga sequences.)

Some new projects have come out of this time of contemplation and more then ever I realized how important art is.  Art is the universal translator. It allows barriers to be broken and eyes to be open.  It connects and gives purpose, inspires and challenges. Art makes a statement as well as altering one’s perception of life.  Tattooing is an art form that continues to walk around the world as a powerful visual language creating a transformation to all who experience the living art of tattooing.

Keep on creating the life you desire, acknowledging the symbols and signs that mark your journey whether they are imprinted on your skin or experienced through exploration.