July – Beautiful Summer in Alaska!

“It looks like it has always been there.” are words I have hear from many of my clients.  It’s such a pleasure to bring to life the ideas from within, translate these emotions and paint dreams.
Like other art forms, tattooing reveals a new perspective to the subject at hand.  One might perceive an image seen by their own eyes as a certain idea specific to their own experience.  The person who wears the artwork carries the true meaning of the visual story that lies beneath the skin’s layer. That story has been with the individual, developing and morphing into an illustrated translation conscious and unconsciously. This development in the design sometimes occurs for many years or sometimes in a spontaneous moment of inspiration. Regardless, this image is worn with a permanent influence of what immediately becomes a part of their history.  This piece becomes part of who they are or shows you who they are.  This all helps as guidance through this walk of life.

“Become the beautiful piece of art that you are.” was spoken to me by a wise dear friend of mine Stevie.  Tattooing has helped me live this statement to its full truth, from the work I continually collect myself and give to others.

Tattoos can be a piece of art that allows you to identify more deeply with your own truth whatever that might be.  It is yours and your tattoo speaks that truth through the layers of skin sketched by line, dots, shapes and shades, bringing the whole picture of this present life into focus.
Whether it be a small memorabilia to bring you back to the lightness of this present moment or a pattern that shows you beauty or an image that reminds you of the life’s duality, all concepts are one to wear with pride and understanding.

Thank you to all my clients who share their experiences with me from the smallest to largest pieces invoking both laughter and sometimes tears.
Making history out of stories shared.