June – Having a blast in Alaska!

The vast beauty of the landscapes here much like the action of tattooing silences most distractions and brings forth only the present moment.  In this present moment here, I find myself designing narratives of past, present and future, depicted in my tattoos by lines, shapes, patterns and shades. All stories are based on the acceptance of an influence or an impact of a thought.

In the last few weeks during many of my tattoo sessions, a common theme has arisen in our conversations based on the Latin phrase “Amor fati” translated as “love of fate”; to accept what has happened in one’s life, all parts the tough and easy, good and bad; to recognize all that has brought us to this very moment, to love one’s fate.

Illuminating the truth behind images and patterns to tell a visual story just as the sky illuminated with never sleepy sun of Alaska summers.

It’s been an amazing season here in Homer.  So nice to see so many new and familiar faces.  I’m super grateful to be here continuing to assist in making each person’s dreams and ideas come to life on their skin while constantly being inspired by conversation and imagination.
Thank you to all who have supported my insane brain and who believed in the power of art!

Bring it on let’s continue to create more amazing pieces of art.