Join RachelG at Many River Yoga Studio

This class combines an active flowing style with slower movements and longer holds to create a deeply relaxing practice. By combining invigorating postures that link movement with breath, we will work on developing strength, stability, and flexibility. With a focus on both the strong and soft aspects of each pose .This harmonizing practice will help to rebalance the body, mind, …

June – Having a blast in Alaska!

The vast beauty of the landscapes here much like the action of tattooing silences most distractions and brings forth only the present moment.  In this present moment here, I find myself designing narratives of past, present and future, depicted in my tattoos by lines, shapes, patterns and shades. All stories are based on the acceptance of an influence or an impact …


“I’m back in the saddle again” was the first thought that popped in my head when the doors opened at Exotic Eye Tattoo this year. Last summer brought the closure of my own private tattoo / art studios and an overall simplification of my life ever since. Though the decisions were necessary and beneficial it was not without challenges and …


Aloha! When I tell people that I have two seasonal shops, one in Alaska and one in Hawaii the response is always “Wow, you have quit the life! That’s two extremes!” Extreme it is and easy it’s not, but I do love it. Alaska and Hawaii’s wild irresistible terrain is just as fascinating as the people who inhabit this land.  …

Hell City Tattoo Festival

Rachel will be in Ohio for the Hell City Tattoo Festival. Check out her morning yoga for tattoo artist and seminar. April 28, 29 & 30

Off the Map Tattoo

Had an amazing panel talk with these lovely ladies at Off the Map Tattoo in Massachusetts last month. So happy to share the same passion and love of this creative life that keeps the blood pumping in our veins! Thank you Off the Map Tattoo for this awesome opportunity.


Aloha! Wrapping up the season on Maui I’m very grateful for the opportunities of the past few months being able to create on the islands and abroad, along side many inspiring humans. It’s been a time of travel and sharing stories. Each of us has a story I believe deserves to be told through images and words. One of the …

No Limits International Tattoo Expo

New York!  Rachel will be at the No Limits Tattoo Expo March 31-April 2.  She will be tattooing alongside Emma Garrand.  Email at for appointments or swing by the booth and say hi.

Hawaii Tattoo Expo – Maui – April 7,8,9

Rachel G will tattooing alongside Nickels from Ka’eo Hawaii Tattoo shop on the Big Island. Email to book an appointment or stop by the booth and say hi.