“I’m back in the saddle again” was the first thought that popped in my head when the doors opened at Exotic Eye Tattoo this year. Last summer brought the closure of my own private tattoo / art studios and an overall simplification of my life ever since. Though the decisions were necessary and beneficial it was not without challenges and the wind was sucked right out of my sails. After my businesses, A Muse Ink (Alaska) and Bighorn Tattoo (Wyoming), closed its doors I began guest spotting with Rachel for the rest of her season in 2016 to fulfill my clients and settle into an indefinite break to recover and collect myself. So I claimed a winter’s sabbatical in my current home of Homer; I bartended for work, I worked on my books, I painted, I explored music, and I observed the absence that not tattooing had left in the wake. I did not know what to expect when this time of reunion arrived and I hadn’t realized just how lost I felt without connecting to people through skin art until now; all I knew for the past 8 months was the day to day of the season’s internalizations – but as I write this at the shop, the ocean rolls and heaves outside the window and the sun illuminates the space in its brilliance. The day is new and so am I. I feel a fresh gratitude with the unfurling of spring and a rising anticipation to begin again and deliver the means of transformation, healing and beauty to all those who walk through the door. My waltz with tattooing began in 2009 and after years of ebb and flow I am rejuvenated and eager to share space with the incomparable Rachel G once again! I am open and ready for your ideas and look forward to collaborating with you. Please visit my artist profile at or