Stop and observe the many colors of change.

Happy fall 2018!
I love this time of year and I’m in the Northeast taking a time out to reconnect with my roots.

Every year nature delivers a similar show that has coincided with the shift of my seasonal business location.  This year more than the rest I have really taken the time to breathe into this transition and truly be thankful for what has been created around me and within myself. It has been a time to be thankful for the pause. Giving myself the time out to observe and review the summer season that has just passed has been a challenging and beautiful luxury. This past season has delivered amazing and demanding moments all in one, presenting loud and clear patience and perseverance.

It’s a time of transition on earth’s Northern hemisphere.  The leaves change their colors every year, yet the variation and the originality of their present metamorphosis holds its own individual beauty, different from the years past. This thought has been an interesting lens to watch myself as an artist evolve and grow with my inspirations, my goals and my desires and to see how I show up for each season the same body a little older the same spirit a little more curious the same mind a little clearer. The same heart a little stronger and more open.

To stop and observe the many colors of change in myself just as I do in nature has been a gift of time I’m only just beginning to understand.
Making time to stop and pause can be a tricky thing for many of us to allow space for in our lives.  I’m known to be completely nonstop and in the past year I’ve come to realize even with a focused business schedule and the gratification of “success” my best moments for myself and my business are the moments in between, even if it’s just hanging upside down in my yoga swing for 5 minutes or making it a point to experience my magic spots in the world with some of my favorite humans and with nature!
The observance of each emotion and sensation creates an awareness that is priceless to our lives.

The time in between can sometimes be uncomfortable, to watch, to be still, to observe but there are always many ways to experience that moment.   If I find myself uncomfortable because I’m changing my patterns, I use that moment as a stepping stone for the next moment.  The transformation can come with growing pains. Just know like the leaf falling from the tree that moment will pass and transform. Use the fuel of transformation as inspirations to shape the life you want and remember magic happens in the pause, even if you can’t see it right now. There is really no need to race to the end goal whatever that might be.

Make the end goal the pause of appreciation for where you are now. The inspiration and fuel for your future self and as a collective comes from the appreciation of now.