The time is now to integrate these outside energies with our inner desires and to express who we are and why we are here.



It’s nearly the end of the year, the end of a century! With the holidays approaching and the days moving quickly, it can often feel a bit unsettling for some and exciting for others. Take time in these busy days to reflect on this past year and create your vision for the next century.


The cosmic clock keeps ticking. Some might believe the planets and stars form celestial patterns, they might provide a meaning or a message for each passing minute or a whole epoch. Whichever your belief system is there is no denying the buzzing energy around these times is influential to our being. The time is now to integrate these outside energies with our inner desires and to express who we are and why we are here. Think of this time as a preparation for an adventure into a new landscape. It’s time to reflect, evaluate and pause to remember what is important to you. To get clear on this importance to fulfill your dreams and begin your next adventure with the clarity of the now and wisdom from the past. It’s time to clear the palette and move forward free of physical and emotional clutter so that flexibility can be your creative guidance.


By being flexible I had the opportunity at the beginning of this winter season to attend the traditional tattoo festival at the Kohala Institute on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here many artists and practitioners shared their stories and lineage of tattooing through a panel of interviews, documentaries, and demonstrations. The power and gift of recreating a visual language were revealed through the practice of Tatau. The stories of their ancestor’s hopes and dreams where shared through symbols. Attending this event brought to light the importance of continuing on tradition and acknowledging the medicine these ancient techniques hold. To witness the practice of presence filled with the knowledge of the past opened a window into the heart of the history of tattooing I had not yet felt before. To discover a more extensive collection of traditional tattooing look at a tattoo anthropologist.


Through this art form, I feel blessed to unite with so many in the greater understanding of connected energies from the past and present which will allow us to create the future. It is a medium that allows oneself to integrate with imagery that displays courage and reverence to the origin of their inspiration.  Tattooing is an unfiltered way of getting in touch with who you are as an individual.  Many years ago I cleared my palette and allowed there to be room for my art to grow. I’ve continued this adventure gathering experience and knowledge everywhere I have been. Some intentional decisions to seek out education and some decisions unknown of what the gifts might bring. Listen to your intuition.  By listening to my intuition and following synchronistic clues I’ll be spending time in Central America this winter tattooing and painting.

I’m looking forward to creating new pieces, developing new projects and nurturing old and new connections.


Thank you, Mahalo, Gracias,

 Rachel G