What will you paint this year?

2018 has come and gone leaving us with the newness of 2019.
As well as the powerful transformative energy of the lunar eclipse paving the way to get rid of the old and onto the new.
With the marking of a new year there is reflection of the year’s past accomplishments, disasters, victories, joy and pain 
All experiences can be viewed as messages or lessons that fuel us for the future.
By stopping to take the time out to look at what worked and didn’t work in the past year can only benefit your “New Year’s resolutions”.  Something I have in the back of my head every January but never fully write the list or consciously make intentions.  I realize this action hasn’t come easily each year because I’ve been congested with last year’s experiences.
When we move into a new house we make space for a new arrangement of our possessions.
As we move into a new year we should do the same; allowing ourselves a clean palette to create from. What will you paint this year?
I’m on a mission to understand how to embrace the now moment to its full capacity. It’s the best vitamin that keeps my creative juices flowing.  I know many of you don’t think you have enough time to stop, but even a 5-10 minute pause a day can give you more energy and clarity then that cup of coffee or your favorite supplement. Stop and take a time out to look up at the sky, move away from your computers, go spend time in wild exotic places, observe how other beings exist, spend as much time in nature as you can, and you will find guidance on how to design your life.
In this pause in time is where our soul’s voice speaks to our future self.  In this pause information is recognized as truth and understanding.
Disconnect to reconnect, in doing so a clean pallet for this new year can arise giving you the freedom to create.