Demian from Maui

When I was a little boy we lived out in a tipi in Haiku. This was the early 70’s so it seemed less unusual than today. I grew up around many animals, not very many people, and spent most of my free time in the natural world and doing art. I drew so much the adults started calling me “Doodles,” which I hated. Time went on, with all the ups and downs in decades of life, and I found myself at the end of a marriage, overwhelmed with veterinary patients professionally, and feeling that my connection to what was alive, natural, and good had started to fade. With the recognition of this came an opening back to the wonder and awe of life, of art, of love, and of the natural and sometimes extreme motion and change inherent in things. I wanted an image that was abstract art, such that it could capture the feeling of this realization, in such a way to remind me in case I forgot again