Rachel from Alaska

I am a wild child of Alaska. The green canopy of spruce trees and flitting birch leaves, white and black trunks jetting out of a sea of rolling moss beds. Crops of fiddlehead ferns unfurl from the moss throughout the year, while clusters of those petite, white dogwood flowers spring up intermittently. The memories of running through the woods, harvesting the greenery for mud pies and later for camp dinners, falling asleep on moss beds, and finding zen among the sounds of the forest, define a strong portion of my soul.

Hawaii ended up being another place of solace for me. My family visited the islands frequently as I was growing up, and I continued the pilgrimages once I was older. My strong love for Alaskan wilderness made it easy to fall for the Hawaiian kind.

As I prepare to move into the next chapter of my life, I knew it was time to get the arm sleeve I always wanted. It had to appeal to my creative love for contrast, pointillism, and graphic art while also encompassing the flora of my childhood. Rachel at Exotic Eye made this tattoo a reality. She worked to translate my idea/designs into tattoo-able creations. I appreciated her ability to bring years of knowledge to the table and tell me what could work/not work, while also listening to my suggestions.  She scheduled bi-weekly appointments for me throughout the summer and spent over 50 hours within a 3 month period getting it finished.  I can easily say the shop is comfortable and everyone there provides you with good conversation and tea. I could not have asked for a better artist.