Rachel from Maui

For me getting a new tattoo is a deep and meaningful experience and I am thrilled to have an artist who shares this opinion and is so willing to include me in the process of creating the design. With so many aspects to this piece it has deep meaning for me. The shell represents spiraling in and out and the continuous cycle of diving deep within oneself, expanding back out into the world. Mirrored and reinforced by the moon cycle above; which we as women are constantly in tune with. New life, growth, release, death, rebirth.. Intention, perception, illumination, integration. TRANSFORMATION. A few feathers hang from my royal jewels, catching new dreams in the wind, reminding us of all that is possible. That we have the power to plant our precious seedlings, hopes and dreams, love and tend to them, overcome obstacles, find fulfillment, and bear new fruit, new life, new dreams out into the world. INSPIRE, LOVE, LIVE. In deepest gratitude ~ Rachel