Rachel Gloria from Maui

How many of us have a tattoo from our youth that we no longer feel connected to, that doesn’t represent who we are here and now? The answer is probably a lot of us! So why not embrace the opportunity to make it ours once again, transforming it into a current version of self. I was long overdue in making this happen. But am so glad I waited, not only for the right artist, but also the right time and place. All happens as it should, right. Patience is a virtue. So twenty years after receiving my first tattoo at the tender age of eighteen, my sweet little dolphin with her full moon and sunset sky peacefully went to sleep in a beautiful lotus flower. Fitting considering the lotus flower represents rebirth, in addition to purity, beauty, prosperity, spiritual awakening, faithfulness… In nature she emerges from the dark of night to the light of day. Yes please!! The talented man that created and inked this gorgeous flower onto my back took full creative liberty with the intricate details and shading, and I couldn’t be happier. He incorporated a number of Polynesian designs in the petals, including flax (man’s connection to earth), fern (growth, life), lau hala (family, community, roots), fish scales (protection), and aloe (healing, rejuvenation, growth). I feel so blessed to have this beautiful piece of art on my body, to remind me of this potent time in my life, of all the great changes that have occurred to bring me to this place, Mama Maui, to heal, to grow, to embrace, create, express, shine! Thank you Jeremy for creating an exquisite tattoo for me, with me, on me. Thank you Exotic Eye and Rachel G for providing a space not only for myself, but for our community to express and transform ourselves into living breathing works of art, sharing with the world our vision of ourselves and our journey. MAHALO!!!