Shana from Wasila, Alaska

I’ve wanted a mermaid tattoo for the last year but I knew there was only one artist that would do it right. Only one artist that I know would tattoo a very important symbol on me and do it with the emotions and caring that it deserved. The mermaid is for my daughter Ava Pearl, who suffered a massive stroke at 7 months old. Months after the stroke we still couldn’t find a way to calm her or make her comfortable, until she started aquatic therapy. She LOVES water! We call her our little mermaid and so it only made sense that I made her a mermaid costume for Halloween.

I didn’t want a “perfect” tattoo. I wanted a tattoo that was perfectly imperfect.

Rachel nailed it.

It’s exactly what I wanted from the most perfect artist.

If anyone is interested in reading Ava’s story or to follow the journey of the strongest person I know, please add her Facebook.

Thank you again Rachel. I’ll cherish this tattoo for the rest of forever.”