Sophie from Maine

My tattoos are a representation of my life path so far… What a gift it is to grow into the spaces we cultivate. This tattoo is a commitment, a vow, to always soar towards my highest self. A reminder of the wholeness that exists within all relations. My lady is part owl, part wolf, part tree and yet all these elements continue to soar throughout all of us…and as a wholeness of its self. Also This tattoo represents the time I have spent on a beautiful sanctuary of land and life. This sacred place and all that lives there have all changed my being and outlook on life. I know they are all a part of me and create a wholeness I want to share.

I had been looking for the right tattoo artist for years and when I meet Rachel I knew she was the one. I didn’t even have to look at any of her work, or have her draw anything up until the day it was going on. She has a sense about her and I had complete faith in her portraying my vision. She went above and beyond. A part of me for life and I am honored to have her energy accompanying my side.  She has an innate ability to listen and create your vision when it comes to tattoos.