Tara from Alaska

When I was 14 years old, I convinced my father to sign a release that would enable me to get a tattoo. I negotiated by talking him into getting the same tattoo; father/daughter bonding. After meeting the tattoo artist and not really knowing too much about what he could and couldn’t do, we decided on an old school flash tattoo (a rose)…for me, the placement was bad, the tattoo was bad…but hey, I was 14 and impressed. Relatively soon, I wanted it covered up, but it did hold sentimental value and I just couldn’t do it until I found the right person. I have been researching artists and designs for years and just couldn’t make a decision. I finally had an idea that seemed right for me and now the hard part…finding the right artist.

My family is everything to me, it’s only been the three of us and this fall my kiddo will be leaving home to go to college. I wanted a piece that would represent the three of us and this stage of my family’s story; to include a small bird that appears to be flying off to make it on her own. When my daughter got tattooed by Rachel last year, I had the chance talk to her about my idea and she was totally on board. Rachel totally nailed it, it’s gorgeous and worth the wait.