Tara from Maui

As much as I love my brothas tattooing me, I’ve always wanted some beautiful ink done by a woman!! Rachel G & I talked for months about my ideas & how to transfer that 2 dimensionally to wrap around my thighs. Much easier said than done, especially since I already had 2 tats she needed to work around…but since she’s one of the most talented & patient superheroes I’ve met in the industry, it only took a day & wooohooo my tat, which started as an idea 5 years ago, was complete!

For me it represents the infinite 8, which has always been significant, everything in my life seems to happen around this number. So we wrapped it around my thighs, to always remind me if I’m gonna be rooted into anything, it’s gonna be infinite possibilities…& nothing less! Thank you Rachel for creating my vision sooo beautifully!!

It’s perfect & I couldn’t be happier! Big love & aloha